Boiler Installation Cardiff

The winter may be behind us for now, but it pays to have any new boiler fitted during the warmer months to save time and prevent costly breakages to your existing boiler. Our team at Blue Flame Gas Solutions can provide you with boiler installations in and around Cardiff.

Cold weather affects your older boilers more and their ability to adjust to the pressure of warming up radiators and your home. As professional boiler installers, our team will be able to fit your home with the latest boiler and the best quality parts in South Wales.

All our boilers come fitted with Magnaclean filters and we only do this after we have Magnacleansed your newly installed boiler to ensure it is ready for use right away. This quality service puts us ahead of the pack and leaves you with a long-lasting and superior boiler.

Our team have accumulated over 20 years of experience fitting, repairing and installing boilers across the South of Wales and will also give you your first year of servicing free of charge. This gives you ultimate peace of mind for the winter and allows you to comply with your warranty.

We are approved Valliant and Worcester installers of boiler and our unique personal service makes us the perfect choice. To find out more about our service, get in touch with us today.