Boiler Installation Cardiff

With the spring and summer coming into view, you may think it’s time to abandon your central heating and save money. At Blue Flame Gas Solutions, we believe it's better to be pragmatic and can provide a central heating quote in Cardiff for the services you require.

Our team of expert boiler technicians can perform top quality power flushing to clean out your central heating system or replace old radiators. Both methods will help improve heat distribution when the weather starts to turn for the worse again.

Power flushing is used throughout the boiler industry to rid the insides of your radiators of black sludge that forms at the foot of them. This is oxidised iron and can be removed by our Magna-cleanse flushing that uses a magnetic filtration system to draw out all the iron oxide. This leaves you with a clean radiator that can evenly distribute the heat.

Old radiators may heat up slowly, but once they hit their temperature, they are hot stuff. Modern radiators are a great way to further reduce your yearly costs. The heat retention of modern radiators can help you to keep the heat in your home for longer and lessen the time of having them turned on.

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